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About me A

Hi I'm Laurence, an aerodynamiscist specialising in computational fluid dynamics. .

After spending many years in Bristol (UK). I now work in the fragrant German city of Cologne for a motorsport team. The car is a LMP1 hybrid participating in the world endurance championship. .

Contact C

Currently in Cologne (Germany). I will recieve any email which ends in Alternativley you can complete the google "capatcha" below: .

Photography P

Half the fun i find with fine art photography is creating the scene, and the other half is in having the idea.

The images here will all have a common theme, so hold on for now and i'll upload some soon.

Inspirations I

A collection of "stuff" from css, html and type setting to photography and crazy contraptions..

Research R

I am currently completing a PhD in aerodynamics at the University of Bristol (UK). My research into Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) looks at model updating of reduced order CFD schemes for the use in aircraft loads and aeroelastic modelling.

Part of the motivation behind this website is to create a space to share research work and to make the codes i've used throughout my PhD publicaly available.